Definition of the center

Salaam Center offers many theoretical and practical training programs to build capacity, knowledge and skills and to promote positive behavior of individuals and institutions to cope with changes and meet challenges.

Vision of the center

Leading the world of training and human development locally and regionally

Our Value

Salaam Center for Training and Research adopts core values that emerge from the values of the knowledge society (Honesty – quality – cooperation)

Our Policy
  • Commitment to the values and ethics of society
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the country
  • Transparency and providing useful and useful programs for individuals
    and institutions
  • Positive cooperation with all sectors interested in human development
    and development of individuals and institutions.
Center’s Mission

Helping organizations and individuals to get to know their reality and discover their skills and strengths to reach their strongest performance in order to realize their value. In a training environment based on the latest science in training and human development and in accordance with international standards.

How can we help you?

Feel free to contact us at our Office in Djibouti  or submit a business inquiry online.

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